Research Program

Our research program is theoretical and applied, centered in land reclamation and restoration ecology. It focuses on plant-soil-water interrelationships, understanding and defining processes inherent in these relationships, their effects on ecosystem structure and function, their response to disturbance and their role in reclamation after disturbance. Our research takes place on lands mainly disturbed by human use; lands impacted by natural resource development such as pipelines, mines, well sites, quarries and roadways; lands used for industry, agriculture, grazing, forestry and recreation; national parks and protected areas; contaminated and abandoned lands. We research remediation, revegetation and soil reconstruction; accelerating soil-plant community development; plant species selection and establishment; impacts of non native species on native plant communities; bioengineering; native plants, their mycorrhizae and microbial communities; soil remediation, bioremediation and phytoremediation; soil amendments, particularly waste products such as compost, manure, sewage sludge and biosolids; and development of anthroposols.

Dr Naeth is Director, Future Energy Systems, a program funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. The program focuses on multidisciplinary research that develops the energy technologies of the near future, integrates them into today’s infrastructure, and examines possible consequences for our society, economy, and environment. It also contributes to the development of solutions for challenges presented by current energy systems.

Dr Naeth is Director, Energy Systems Signature Area at the University of Alberta. Energy Systems is a cross-disciplinary research and teaching network that focuses on generating the innovations, discussions, and collaborations that can guide local and global communities through energy transitions needed today and tomorrow.

Dr Naeth is Director, Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) established through an NSERC CREATE grant. LRIGS provides collaborative and interdisciplinary training and professional development opportunities to train highly qualified land reclamation professionals with the education and experience necessary to take on leadership roles in academia, consulting, government and industry.


Dr M Anne Naeth

Professor, Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology
Director, Future Energy Systems
Director, Energy Systems Signature Area
Director, Land Reclamation International Graduate School
University Cup Recipient
Vargo Distinguished Teaching Chair
3M National Teaching Fellow

Department of Renewable Resources
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2H1

Telephone: (780) 492-9539