• Oil Sands Reclamation: Bitumen extraction from oil sands produces large amounts of waste which is deposited in tailings ponds. Extraction involves removing surface soil materials like topsoil, mineral fines and glacial till, collectively called overburden. each of these substrates requires reclamation to restore hydrology, soil and vegetation to equivalent land capability.

Our research takes place on lands mainly disturbed by human use; lands impacted by natural resource development such as pipelines, mines, well sites, quarries and roadways; lands used for industry, agriculture, grazing, forestry and recreation; national parks and protected areas; contaminated and abandoned lands. We research remediation, revegetation and soil reconstruction; accelerating soil-plant community development; plant species selection and establishment; impacts of non native species on native plant communities; bioengineering; native plants, their mycorrhizae and microbial communities; soil remediation, bioremediation and phytoremediation; soil amendments, particularly waste products such as compost, manure, sewage sludge and biosolids; and development of anthroposols.